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Alaszka bölcsei - Jeff Lund

Fotó a Gyaloglás gulágföldön-höz 1

Fotó a Rattanföld 1

Medvezsja-öbölből a Kudrjávij

Fotó a Rattanföld 2


cv and filmography




Zoltán Szalkai





AD and  cameraman at MTV’s (Hungarian State TV) Science and Nature Division, documentary films 



Director and DP of several documentary made for MTV (Hungarian State TV)



Works as an independent filmmaker, producing and directing documentaries for the local and international media.

He is very knowledgeable about local people and  geography in the following countries or places: Russia (especially Siberia and Kamchatka) and Alaska, United States. Zoltan Szalkai usually shot his films alone, without any crew.






Documentary Films of Hungary 2001

Mediawave International Film Festival 2002

Banff-VagabondHungarian Adventure Sport and Nature Film Festival  


Slowfilm Festival 2007

Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China 2008 -


Worldfilm Film Festival, Estonia 2009 nominated

Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2009Nature and People Award



Ministry of Defence, Hungary 2010  Honours for GULAG films






The homes of the Gumoolis (Kamchatka)

Hidden landscapes 1-10. (Soviet Union - Russia)

AlaskaBear footmarks in the valley of the Ten Thousand Smoke

Reindeer herdsmen in Russia

Alaska country 1-6. video

Fishing with explosions (Indonesia) video

Hunting with themoon vehicle” – Anaktuvuk (Alaska) video

Let’s see Indonesia!

Expedition of Kudriyavy (Russia)

The volcanologist of the Zone  (Russia)

The people of Kuril: I-II. (Russia)

Rattanland (Indonesia)

The wise men of Alaska video

Tyatya expedition (Russia)

On foot through  Gulag landNorthern Urals   video

Sable trapper (Russia) video

On foot through Gulag land – Kolima video

Poachers (Russia) video

On foot through Gulag landPolar Urals video

Gulag stories

Fate of the Evens (Russia) video

On foot through Gulag land – Angara video

World of the KhantyWanderers video

On foot through Gulag landKazakhstan video

The mountain that blasted (Kamchatka, Russia) video

On foot through Gulag LandKarelia video

Northern journey of Antal Reguly

World of the Khanty – The villagers video

World of the KhantyTent dwellers video

The Ob-Ugric

World of the KhantyFishermen video

On foot through Gulag LandTaymir-Norilsk video

On foot through Gulag Land – The Transpolar Railway video

On foot through Gulag Land – The Northernmost Camps video




Internationally broadcasted films:

MDR, Germany:  Three short films about the Kuril Islands

NTV, Russia:  Volcano Kudrijavy

TV3, Russia: Kuril Islands

ARTE/NDR/WDR GEO 360: Das Metall aus dem Vulkan – The metal of the Volcano (Russia) video



Other screenings:

Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Embassy of the Republic of Hungary, Washington DC

Memorial Society, Moscow

Hungarian Filmweek, Budapest

100 Hungarian Documentaries, Budapest








Szalkai 2012 Vulcano